Pizza Pie Cafe offers a proven business model that has worked for many years and will work for you. As a franchisee, you will be given all the tools, systems, training, name, market, and support to insure your success. We will help you to determine the best location(s) for your restaurant.

We will provide you with a detailed Operations Manual to guide you in everything from lease negotiation to marketing. We do not leave a stone unturned when it comes to teaching you our business, and we’ll continue to help you to ensure our mutual success.

Our systems and procedures have been developed over years to allow the successful operation of one or more Pizza Pie Cafes. Upon signing the Franchise Agreement, you will have access to the best systems and method in the industry. You will enjoy the benefits from our name recognition, buying power, and maarketing experience. You will be part of the Pizza Pie Cafe network of successful Franchisees.

How We Got Started


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Type of Expenditure Amount When Due Payment Goes To
Franchise $35,000 Upon signing
franchise agreement
beginning operations
Various Suppliers
Franchise Costs
Royalties 5%
Advertising 1%
Weekly Franchisor


  1. Fill out a Request for Consideration Form.
  2. Review the Uniform franchise Disclosure Document.
  3. Meet with the Franchisor.
  4. Meet with your advisors.
  5. Set closing date, sign Franchise Agreement, and pay franchise fee.
  6. Find a location to open your first Pizza Pie Cafe.
  7. Attend on-site training at a designated location.
  8. We work together to open your Pizza Pie Cafe location.
  9. Open your restaurant!






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